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  • [ UPDATE 20 DEC ] Special Dispensation For Drought Stricken Districts In The Karoo

    The Karoo region of South Africa is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in decades. This crisis impacts on animals, humans and the ecology of the region in a dramatic way. To sustain provision of Karoo Lamb during these severe conditions, farmers are trying to maintain a free- range approach to their stock which may not be sustainable for veld and ecology in the long run.
    As one of the founding principles of the Karoo Meat of Origin is the sustainability of human, animal and ecological interaction, a special drought dispensation needed to be introduced to prevent long run disaster for nature and farmers alike.

    View the Special Dispensation For Drought Stricken Districts In The Karoo, Relaxation of certain standards for producers and abattoirs Effective 11 October 2019 here