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  • About Gannapan

    The management, care, love and passion for Gannapan’s animals flows through the meat that is produced on this farm.

    Carl Moller is the 7th generation managing the farm. The farm consists of 15 000 hectares of which one part sand region and the other part shrub region. Therefore, the region makes it efficient to farm with Angus cattle and Dorper sheep. Much attention and care is given to the appearance of the animal. The genetic fixation of moral herd breeding on Gannapan has been practiced for over 36 years.

    With integrity he selects top quality Karoo lamb for the consumer. He loves his farm; he is a true farmer and would like to leave the farm in good condition for his descendants. He scans his ewes and receives a total of 95-96% in pregnant ewes and 93-94% in young ewes. He focuses on an effective herd management program and trust that it is vital to concentrate on management and nutrition for your animals. Carl Junior farms with his father on Gannapan, Sandpan and Constantia and so he is the 8th generation on the farm.

    Carl farms with registered red and black Aberdeen Angus cattle. And actively participate in the Angus Beef Project sponsored by Pick & Pay. The Aberdeen Angus cattle's meat is very tender and tasty and has a fine marbling texture, this breed is best suited for the Karoo conditions.

    Angus cattle are a good animal to farm with, and he is proud of the animals on the farm. He cares for them with love, consideration and patience and is up to date with the latest technology to manufacture the best product to the public.

    Carl's grandfather use to say: Look at your animals, and give them the right nutrition at the right time, care for them and they will care for you.