About Rooivlei

God gives his uncontaminated blessings and provides in the form of rain, herbs like Karoo scrub and clean underground water for the farm. So the farmer has the privilege to provide a pure, unpolluted and natural product to the public.

Rooivlei is situated north-west of Carnarvon on the R64 road to Williston. It obtained its name from the red plains and reddish ground in that area. Rooivlei was a watershed point for trek-farmers to overnight because there was enough water for the animals and people. It has a reasonable large house which was built in 1957 when the Wool Boom took place. It was always a dream of Fanie to manage a farm in the Karoo. There is also a Corbelled house on the farm which was built between the periods of 1840 - 1860.  


He manages the farm for God and so God provides' for him. The results you will see and taste in the Dohne Merino lamb quality. The farm is already two generations in the family and his wife Elmien Dippenaar has inherited it from her father Hennie Jacobs. Fanie and Elmien currently farms with 800 Dohne Merino ewes and gives careful attention to the farm and the environment. His hobby is taking pictures of nature elements as seen in the slideshow above and his passion is providing for his family.

Rooivlei depends on nature for its electricity and water. Careful planning plays a big roll on this farm. Fanie gains more knowledge about farming in going to courses like sheep farming, financial planning, visiting auctions and wool testing agencies. He believes that if a farmer wants to be successful he must gain additional knowledge in the farming field, and make the best with what he has. Do not spend money if you do not have it; make provision when times are good so you can survive during the bad times.

Dohne Merino lamb has an unbeatable taste and fine wool suitable for the European market.


Karoo nag ... stille nag

Karoo nag ... stille nag

Die hemel in pastel gekleur.

Die ewig altyd opkyk na bo.

Waar sal my hulp vandaan kom?

In die stilte van die aand.

Met die wag vir die windpomp se draai, ‘n uitroep, ‘n sug ... Vader!

In U genade bly ons glo [Elmien Dippenaar]


Die windpomp

Yster en staal wat water gaan haal

Diep – diep uit die aarde se kors

Die windjie wat beur om jou staalkop te draai,

Om water te gooi vir die skape se dors.

Jou ritmiese pomp klink soos musiek,

Wat die dorstige hitte verjaag.

Jou blink straaltjie water ons lewensaar

Na waters waar rus is,  lei Hy my heen  [Elmien Dippenaar]


Fanie Dippenaar - Rooivlei

Bachelor’s Ete


Skenkels (enige wat jy kan kry)

Die ontbeende boud se bene (wat jy altyd vir die honde gooi)


Enige souse wat jy in jou kas kry soos:


Worcester sous

Spare rib sous

Bruin uie sop

Bietjie water


  1. Gooi bene in swart pot op lekker warm vuur.
  2. Gooi al die bestandele by en roer deur
  3. Kook tot dit gaar lyk


Eet met hande en bedien met lekker koppie koffie.