About Elandshoorn

The farm is currently managed by Bertus Steenkamp, the 4th generation Steenkamp, and the unit of 22 500 ha includes the farms Blouput, Elandshoorn, Perdekolk and Sandkop.  The landscape is vast, stretched-out and constitutes the predominant indigenous vegetation that contributes to the distinctive character,  taste and flavour of the meat of the typical Karoo Lamb.  Average rainfall is 200mm annually.


Klipbanksfontein is situated 18 km to the south of Carnarvon on the R308 between Carnarvon and Fraserburg and according to the Title Deed, registered 1 November 1838,  the oldest farm in the district.  Photographs of the original farmstead, typically of the Karoo style, can be seen in “Brakdakke van die Karoo” by Gabriël Fagan.  The Corbelled House on the farm was donated by the late Lukas Petrus Steenkamp (1923 – 1991) to the Carnarvon Museum and was rebuild and restored as a tourist attraction. 


The Klipbank Merino Stud was totally substituted by a White Dorper flock bought in 1964 from the late Bruce Connan of Waverley.  Only the best rams are used to maintain this excellent flock of 3 000 ewes.  The farm produced SAMIC’s National winning Group of Lam Carcasses (97.62%) in 2005 as well as the Reserve Single Lam Carcass  (99.87%).   Since then annual results are among the top 10 in the competition.


Each lamb produced on the farm is a product of pride – raised with concern contributing to a unique product.  Flock management was adjusted in 2009 to the extended lambsystem where 3 lams per ewe are raised over a 24 month period.  Twin selection is also  a priority.


Other farming ramifications include game farming – springbok and gemsbok for both hunting and live capture, lusern under flood- and underground drip irrigation, and the Stenco Arabian Horse Stud resulting in a few Fauresmith successes with some offspring

exported to the Middle-East.         


“So what?” you say. Can this farmer make a positive contribution to the meat loving nation of our beloved country? YES, he and his dedicated staff produce more or less 70 tons of lamb and mutton yearly.  His wife, Rachelle, a keen cyclist, raised 4 healhty kids on this farm to take the family business forward in this challenging and exciting times. Well, that means that our Karoo lamb is good for them and for you – the more you eat, the better you feel.The Steenkamp family cordially invite anyone to visit the farm on prior notice and learn more about  our hospitality, healthy lifestyle and  production of Karoo meat.