[ COVID-19 ] Karoo Lamb as certified by the “Karoo Meat of Origin scheme” qualifies as a food product, which allows us to continue offering all services and products to the public. For all the latest information on COVID-19, go to the official SA COVID-19 resource portal : sacoronavirus.co.za
  • About Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants

    WOODSTOCK & CLAREMONT / Cape Town's Ethical ButcheryWe find the right farmer. We buy the whole animal. We take it apart with respect. We use every piece we can. Eat Proper Meat At Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants, we believe having a relationship with your food matters. Buying meat is about more than picking up a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. It's about the farmers. It's about the animals. And we want you to be part of the process. It's your right. By working with passionate suppliers (the type who rear healthy, happy animals) we are able to be the step between the farm and your plate. We are always up for a chat about what you should be cooking and why. If it's pouring with rain let our team coach you through some stewing or braising cuts. Friends coming over for a Sunday Roast? We've got you covered. First Springbok game of the season? No sweat. We'll hook you up with something to throw on the fire. Our team takes pride in being able to actually interact with the customer. Ask us questions. Let us help. That's why we're here. This is clean, ethical, sustainable food. The type you can eat with a clear conscience. | ffmm.co.za