About Witfontein

André and his wife Chrisna Venter is the first generation of farmers on Trywell (meaning: try a well, dig a hole to get water).They also manage the farms Klipkolk, Witfontein and Spoorkolk in the same region. André and Chrisna both studied agriculture, when they met in Stellenbosch. They farm with finely selected white Dorpers and believe it necessary to provide natural grazing for the animals. André set his focus on the veldt and conservation of the environment. A special class of Dorper, the Karoo lamb, is bred for its unique flavor. On their farms André and Chrisna do their best to preserve this naturally distinctive quality by keeping the sheep free of any stimulants or chemical additives. They believe that if your veldt is healthy, you will produce healthy lambs. The sheep feed on natural herbs used for medicinal purposes; therefore the Karoo lamb is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that enhance a healthy consumer lifestyle. Andre's hobby is to breed and tame saddle horses. Chrisna breeds miniature Schnauzer dogs and distribute it nationwide to good homes. A farmer must adapt to nature and focus on long-term production as well as a good grazing system to control and prevent overgrazing. You should live close to the soil and plants and look after it, so it will look after you and your animals. They release guinea fowl into the veldt to control locust and insects. The guinea fowl serves as food for the foxes and so restores the natural food cycle. No chemicals are used on the plant life or animals. Andre and his family have a respect for nature. They focus on herd fertility, well adopted sheep with good milk production and maternal characteristics. By scanning the ewe the production process is further improved. Their son, Sybrand, is currently the second-generation to actively farm on Trywell and strive to adapt in his parents' standards to promote conservation and ensure a better and healthy product to the public.