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  • About Leeufontein

    Andries is the second generation on the farm Leeuwfontein. He also owns and manages the farms Biesieslaagte, Heuwels and Witfontein and farms it as a unit. He also farms with Dohne Merino’s and Angora Goats .He strives to produce healthy, free-range and wholesome Karoo lamb to the consumer.

    Leeuwfontein is one of the oldest farms in the Carnarvon District. The house was built in the 1800’s. The building material was transported by cattle and wagons. There is a fountain still running on the farm and pioneer farmers used it as a water settling point. The old road between Williston and Carnarvon originally passed by the farm and was used as a trade route for the mail coach and travellers, the farm was bought by his grandfather in the 1930s. The farm has an abundant history and some of the first buildings and sheep pens are still in use.  There are also rock paintings painted by die Khoi San that roamed the area and a Corbelled house which had a stage floor that was used for wheat harvesting.

    Andries appreciates the Karoo by heart. It is a privilege for him and his family to live and work in the Karoo. This outstretched mysterious part of land forms one’s soul and character, just like the diversity of prosperous Karoo scrubs forms the Karoo lamb and its tender meat and contour. With fine planning and intellectual advice from his good farmer friend he succeeds in delivering a clean and uncontaminated product.

    Don’t get discouraged when farming in the Karoo, keep your faith, and be prepared, for every dark cloud has a silver lining. Tough times produce the toughest product which surpasses every other product on the market.