About Ryan Boon Speciality Meats

... Philosophy - Ryan Boon Speciality Meats

When people come to you and ask for help, it is sometimes very difficult to say no, especially when those people have run out of options. We here at Ryan Boon Speciality Meats have had the opportunity of learning a few things in life over the last 3 years - one of them being integrity. We are selling not only a product, but a service too, and when you call up clients or turn up at their kitchen, you have to sell yourself. We have always done our best to ensure that what you see is what you get, maintaining our own standards and quality control, not only for our clients, but for ourselves to. We take pride in the opportunity that we have been blessed with and walk upright in the knowledge that we gain our ability to complete our day through Grace, relaying our pride and integrity onto our clients hoping that our passion for what we do will shine through. We stand strong on honesty. A friend who did a short article on us the other day asked me, "What are your words to live by", I answered, "be honest in everything you do". If we are honest, then honest people will surround us, and this is exactly what we want. We want to do business and associate ourselves with people that have the same vision, that believe the same as we do. With this we can reach our goals, and succeed. We know we won't please everybody, but we will continuously attempt do our best.

Ryan's Story

Born and raised in Durban, being caught up in the "bright lights" of the city made for an interesting childhood, full of excitement and always having something to do. I was pulled into butchery at 16 where I learnt how to pack on tills and clean floors. Little did I know this would be my foundation for a career that would mould my life. I spent almost 4 years learning and being trained in what I call the "art" of using a knife. As time went on I found myself falling more and more in love with my trade and wanted to constantly learn about production and breaking meat. Making my way to England, I wanted to improve on my skills. Chapmans Butchers of Baldock was where I spent the next 3 years. This butcher was ranked 3 in the United Kingdom at the time I was employed. Another huge milestone in my career where I learnt further about deboning, and the eventual art of butchery from true professionals. On return to South Africa I wanted to gain more experience in the preparation of meat and deboning on a huge commercial production line. Running parallel to gaining experience in a commercial butchery I identified a gap - to educate myself on the financial system of a butcher. Meeting my beautiful wife in Paarl in February 2009 would lay the foundation for my future. Working for the town's top butchery for 4 years and getting married, having a beautiful daughter (another one on the way), paved the way for Ryan Boon Speciality Meats to open around mid 2010. We have since been able to build a brand new custom facility and take occupation in November 2013.