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  • About Houmoed & Horizon

    Hi, my name is Nico Esterhuyse, married to Nollie Esterhuyse. We are the proud owners of the farms Horison & Houmoed residing in the Williston district of the Northern Cape province in South Africa. Horison is an inheritance and is in the family now for over 200 years. Over time conservation of the grasing veld were our motto carried over from one generation to the next. These two farms lay along side each other and are farmed as a whole. Nominal rainfall is between 175-225 mm/annum but get dry frequently. I am farming with White Dorpers exclusively as these animals seems to be adjusting to sometimes harsh conditions of my farms the best. Our grasing veld consist of a vast number of species and taste sometimes different from other parts of the Karoo because of its huge specie diversity. We believe that every farm in the Karoo is different and over time you will pick up the taste difference as well. Same as wine. Bon apetit.