Please take note of the change in the name of Meat of Orgin Karoo (MOOK) to the "Karoo Lamb Consortium". The Karoo Lamb Consortium will as of 1 August 2020 be responsible for all rules, auditing and membership administration related to the Karoo Meat of Origin certification scheme.

About Beesdam

Bloubos (Diospyros lycioides) - Definition: “Large shrub sometimes grows up to 7m high. Smooth bark almost black. Leaves
are blue-green. Fruit is round and brown, about 5 to 10mm in diameter. It is alleged that the shrub attract lightning and
that it is dangerous to hide under it during a thunderstorm. Many older farmers also believed firmly that the bush’s roots
are planted in a underground water tunnel. The Bloubos provides a degree of shelter for animals ".

(Shearing, D. (1994) KAROO. Botanical Society of South Africa

Daan produces well-bred Dorper lamb, with a natural unique taste. The sheep cultivates in a full
nutritional environment with no septicity or infectivity that can affect their growth. Daan is a
conservation farmer and look closely at the environment; if a farmer does not care for the environment and nature
they cannot make a living of it. Part of the conservation project Daan planted salt bushes and prickly
pears. It serves as soil conservation and shelter for sheep.

You have to leave the field in a better condition for the next generation in order for them to produce wholesome
and healthy produce.