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  • About Hartbeesdam

    Hennie Human farms with             Dorper and White Dorpers. He also owns Springbuck and  regularly gets hunters on appointment. He has a hunting cabin in the field designed for the hunting season.

    The farming industry stimulates him and he enjoy farming in the Karoo because of its peacefulness and clean environment. Karoo lamb gives you value for your money, the meat, texture and taste is unique, and one won’t find it anywhere else than in the Karoo. It's just this certain part of the country, with the best Karoo bushes that keeps the sheep healthy with no hormones and additives; this makes the meat completely organic and healthy.

    He works hard to maintain and improve the infrastructure;  he applies field conservation and ensures that his farm stays organized. He has taken part in carcass competitions and has won the National slaughter lamb competition in the group of three lambs in 1998. He delivered multiple South African champion rams in 2000-2002 and were awarded  as breeder of champions at the International  South African Dorper Championship. He served for 15 years on the board of South African Dorper Breeders Association. He has exported embryos to Brazil for people who compete in sheep shows and for the improvement of their stock. People from Australia, New Zealand and Brazil regularly visit his farm.

    Hennie has been farming for 40 years and started his stud farming 34 years ago.   His son Johan Human is now the 4th generation on the farm and is part of the farming industry and stud business.

    On the 1st Thursday of each April, they have a ram and ewe auction on De Unie.  Everybody is welcome to join. 

    It is important to focus on farming and consider opportunities offered by the agriculture. A farmer should always try to improve his farm and keep it in good condition for his descendants.