• About Kalkgat

    Jannie Steenkamp farms Tierfontein Kalkgat, Kanossa and Kareedoorn as a unit. He farms with White Dorpers and has a small Nguni cattle herd. As a hobby he breeds on a small scale with American Saddlebred horses.

    During the 1929 to 1933 drought almost the entire area's farmers moved their livestock to the Free State . Jannie’s great grandfather, Gerrit Johannes van Wyk was just one month away when he brought his sheep back to Tierfontein and they survived until the drought broke.

    Tierfontein is very characteristic with its perennial fountain at the foot of the Kareeberge. Kalkgat is characteristic for its strong underground water, 5 boreholes with 120 000 + liters per hour water supply. 40% of Kanossa exist of plain with the confluence of the Kalkgat plain and Maritz plain on the farm.

    Tierfontein is an inherited farm and Jannie is the third generation in the Steenkamp family tree. He purchased Kanossa, Kareedoring and Kalkgat later on.

    Jannie feels privileged to be a farmer.The older the world gets, money and power will get bigger in humanity, but there will never be one new acre of land born, in the next 50 years  only a small elite privileged group of people on earth will be fortunate enough to physically possess a fraction thereof.


    To improve his farm he manages good grazing systems and ensures that the sheep never overgraze the fields. Advice he wants to give farmers is to carefully look after your field, farmers operate in the sheep farming business but they are actually grazing farmers.

    In 2007 he won the national carcass competition with a group of lambs. His wife Margareth Steenkamp won the SA Amateur 5 Gated Grand Championship of South Africa in 2010 at the Bloemfontein show on their horse “Parader's Madiba”

    Sheep production in the Karoo, especially in the west is as natural as you can get, the natural pastures in the environment is a commodity that nobody can imitate or substitute, meat from the Karoo is the best you’ll find.