• About Bitterpoort

    Floris Vermeulen farms Bitterpoort, Naauwte and Waverley as a unit. He started farming in 1989. He studied at the College of Agriculture in Grootfontein. Floris got married at a young age and he and his wife Naomi had many years of suffering, but it also makes a person strong and one learn to appreciate what you have. The farm built him as a person and his wife and children loves the farm life. The farm is his bread and butter.

    He maintains a healthy and positive pasture system, and manages the field according to nature's rainfall pattern. He lessens the sheep numbers in times of drought,  and makes infrastructure improvements.

    He also owns a salt industry and delivers salt to Carnarvon.

    This is the words Floris lives by: “Find your feet in the Karoo, understand the land and the climate, bushes and animals, and farm accordingly. Each farmer must find his tranquility in the Karoo then it will go well with him.”


    The Karoo's money is locked in nature, you have to be satisfied with little and the land will care for you and your offspring. Think about what you're doing now as a farmer and remember that it will have an effect in the future even if you’re not on the farm anymore.

    He manages two sources, the field and the sheep.  Karoo lamb is an absolute good product because humans have no impact on the pasture. God created the field; the sheep utilize the field, so the Karoo lamb can only be healthy and nutritious to humans.