About Nuweputs

Gerrit Vermeulen studied at the Agricultural College in Grootfontein and is the 6th generation on the farm; he farms Kareebos, Klein Kareebos, Nuweputs, Witfontein, Gansvlei, Kleinbooy as a unit. He farms with Dorpers and Namaqua Africans. In 1838 the first Vermeulen family bought the farm, there were no camps or fences, the farm has evolved through generations. Gerrit experience a great satisfaction to see how the place has developed over the years and how it’s still developing.

If the farm is placed in the hands of the wrong person the production will go down and the place would be unproductive. He tries to constantly improve the farm by providing water supply to animals. He builds round dam cribs, it keeps the water cool. He practices a rotational grazing system, and improves the pens for easy handling of livestock.

There is an old flour mill that worked in 1840 - 1940. It produced two bags of ground corn per day. The house on the farm Kareebos was built in 1876 and is still inhabited.

He also farms with farm horses and one of his horses called "Bakgat" won a prize in the South African Fine Harness championship. He also makes use of the horses and sheep dogs to gather sheep. The horse is transported to the farms to save time.

The message he wants to give the consumer: "make sure the lamb is organic, has no hormone or chemical infusions, in excellent condition, and originates from a quality grazing field".