About Eendefontein

"Know Him in all your ways, and then He will direct your path." Proverbs 3:6 (NLT)

Willie farms Eendefontein, Hartenbos and Vlermuisgat as a unit. Major - General George Thomas Napier granted the farm as perpetual quitrent in 1838 to 1 November to Mr vd Westhuizen. Willie is currently the 6th generation active farmer on the farm Eendefontein. There are still original stone pens on the farm that Willie's father, Jasper Louw built by hand and some of them are still in use. It is a water-rich world and the area is the source of the Boesaksrivier that flows through Carnarvon in a westerly direction to the Orange River. There is a Zeekoegat with perennial water.
The farm is rich with poplar trees and bushes. There is a good amount of water that aids in good grazing. He farms with Dorpers and produces tender and succulent lamb to the public. He is aware of soil conservation, and believes that if you look after your land, your land will look after you. If you carefully look after your Dorper, it will look after you. He farms conservative and works economical with the environment. A Karoo farmer must be humble and trust God through thick and thin times.

He also owns Top Chops and promotes the best Karoo lamb to the public, he invites any person to come and have a taste of the Karoo, enjoy indulgent beef biltong, fine droëwors and delicious tender chops. Top Chops has top quality Karoo lamb that derives from the heart of the Karoo.

Hartenboswas first called Bezuidenhoudsgraf - It is said that a man with the surname Bezuidenhoud died on the farm after he was bitten by a lion.

Vlermuisgat was first called Vlermuisgrot (Batcave) - There is a cave on the farm where the Khoi San lived and there is still bats in the cave