About Witgras

Our Philosophy…

Enthusiasm, loyalty, team spirit and hard work have powered our farming operations from strength to strength. We are moving forward with new ideas and an ever-expanding vision. The principle behind Witgras is simple. It must represent the finest organic lamb produced from the world renowned Karoo veld. All combined efforts on Witgras finally serve this purpose.

Our History...

Witgras belonged to my family since the early fifties (1953). It has not only been regarded as a source of income but rather as a challenge and a way of life. My goal is to honour this heritage and pass these values down to the next generation. A great deal of our success is due to the support and willingness of our labour force. The permanent staff on Witgras has contributed greatly to farming operations for more than three generations.

 Our way forward:

Currently we are renovation and improving the infrastructure allowing for modernisation of all farming procedures. Ganna and Skaapbos seed are collected to enhance sparsely vegetated areas.  Waterpoints and pipelines are partially upgraded and added. Housing is being improved and more attention will be given to the quality of the life enjoyed by the labourers. A new church will be opening its doors early in 2012 for AMOS services.