About Carnarvon Abattoir

Carnarvon Abattoir (Pty) Ltd is located in the heart of the Great Karoo and slaughter 150 000 sheep per year. The pure natural meat exist out of pure Karoo bush pasture consisting of nearly 7000 species of herbal plants that survived over millions of years and has developed and adapted to an annual rainfall of only 100 to 350 mm. This natural pasture with its great diversity gives the meat a taste of the most prestigious in the world. Besides chemicals for external parasites there are virtually no drugs used in the production of livestock in this large semi-arid part of South Africa.

The slaughtering process is strictly Halal and strict hygienic rules are applied in the abattoir. More than 300 farmers currently supply Karoo sheep to the abattoir at a weekly basis and 1000 sheep get slaughtered in record time on a daily basis.

Carnarvon Abattoir (Pty) Ltd was registered March 1, 2005. Previously, the abattoir known as Meatrio CC which was founded around 1990 by three farmers, the late Leon Latsky his brother Stephan Latsky and Johann Lubbe which Mr. Jannie Steenkamp was elected as managing director at that time. Currently Mr Sakkie Liebenberg (Lieben Logistics) owns 42% shares and KLK (Upington) 51% shares of the abattoir. Danie Franken is currently the manager of Carnarvon Abattoir (Pty) and Luci de Klerk is the Marketing Manager.  The Abattoir is proud of its modern slaughter facilities and hygiene standards that enable it to provide meat for most of the leading supermarkets in South Africa.

Carnarvon Abattoir strives to provide the most natural hormone and disease-free product to the consumer. It also has some of the best standards in the Northern Cape. There are currently more than 70 employees and thus serve as a job creation opportunity for the town's people.

The Abattoir is open from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and they invite everyone for a private tour by appointment.

Products: carcasses, frozen waste, skins

Tel: 053 3823 349