• Smoked Lamb Rump, Carrot chips, Karoo granola, spinach and watercress puree, pickled beetroot and an apple foam

    Contributed by

    Seline van der Wat

    MasterChef SA 2013 Top 3. Seline is a trained engineer who took over the cooking duties in her family at the age of 16. Seline loves desserts and cakes and is a visually creative cook, always tackling her dishes from a uniquely creative angle. Her talent in the kitchen is multi-faceted and broad.

    For the lamb rump:

    * Ingredients:

    Smoking Mix:

    * Equipment: Dish Towel, mixing bowl
    * Method: Rub the spices into the lamb rump. Place the smoking mix in the Green Egg and smoke rump for 10 minutes. Finish off on the coals.

    For the Karoo Granola:

    * Ingredients: * Equipment: Food Processor, Pizza stone for big green egg
    * Method: Toast all ingredients on the pizza stone in the Big Egg and then blitz in the food processor

    For the pickled beetroot:

    * Ingredients: * Equipment: Cutting board, knife, mixing bowl
    * Method: Cut the beetroot into 2cm cubes. Mix with the rest of the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Strain before serving.

    For the apple foam:

    * Ingredients: * Equipment: Stick blender, mixing bowl, tablespoon
    * Method: Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl. Agitate with the stick blender until all granules have disintegrated. Scoop the foam off the top and serve.

    For the spinach and watercress puree:

    * Ingredients: * Equipment: Saucepan, stick blender, sieve, mixing bowl
    * Method: Boil the spinach, water cress and bicarbonate of soda in a saucepan. Remove the stock, then blend with the stick blender. Add the butter and seasoning. Add more stock as required to create a smear consistency. Strain through the sieve into a mixing bowl.

    For serving:

    * Ingredients: * Equipment: Rectangular serving plate, 2 Tablespoons

    To be made beforehand:


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