• Goraas


    Owner J.G. van Wyk
    Province Northern Cape
    District Karoo Hoogland
    Closest town Carnarvon
    Size 10000 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Goraas

    Goraas the derivation of "Gorra" meaning "water hole".


    The owner of the farm is Gys van Wyk (GORAAS BOERDERY). He is the fourth generation managing the historical farm Goraas. He currently farms with pure Merino’s as his ancestors has been doing for over 142 years.


    Goraas has a wholesome pasture growth which provides good vegetation for sheep farming. Merino lamb is reared with compassion, fine planning and management concerns. Gys makes sure he delivers the best free range product to the consumer, weather permits. He delivers top quality pure Merino meat and fine wool to the public.


    He also believes that you must provide for the dry times and that the farmer should live in harmony with nature. Important aspects of farming are conservation, rain, maintaining your field and historical treasures.


    You should always remain humble and live according to your income. Do not put pressure on your field and farm animals to improve your lifestyle. If you live by these standards you will succeed in producing top quality Karoo Merino lamb.


    The farm has three houses of which the oldest is a Corbelled house build between 1860-1860, a Cape Dutch house built in 1882 and the current house. Gys’s grandfather was the founder of Vleissentraal Corporation and his father was the director.

    There is a stream of pure water flowing through the marsh (gorra) just below the old house, and beside the water stream are hand-built stone walls on the slopes of the mountains. It was used for ostrich farming in the olden days. The stone walls also play a big role in minimizing soil erosion.

    Historical events happened on this farm during the Boer War, the British soldiers took over the old house and the second generation living on the farm had to move into a small room in the house until they decided to leave.


    Gys also manages Kareedoorn and Zoetfontein which forms a unit with Goraas.

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