• Groenepan


    Owner E.L. de Kock
    Province Northern Cape
    District Renosterberg
    Closest town De Aar
    Size 5000 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Groenepan

    The farms Groenepan, Leeufontein and Sewefontein consists of 50% Merino and 50% Dorper sheep. The famlily life of the de Kock's of Leeufontein revolves around faith and farming. Elbert is also the pastor of the Dutch reformed church in Vosburg. The family sees the farms as a blessing from the Lord and therefore also as a blessing to others.

    The sheep on the farms are as "green" as it can get. The animals live in harmony. The sheep are being looked after with the greatest care so the meat is tasty and very popular. Elbert and his mum improves the farms by grazing management,they read a lot about farming through the Internet, books, and get advice from Farmers Association.

    His mother Beaulah de Kock has been farming since 1990. She is an active farmer and farms together with Elbert on the three farms. She loves animals and nature. She is a very good farmer and Elbert learns a lot from her, if it wasn't for her dedication, enthusiasm and commitment he would have leased the farms. She was willing to farm and together they succeeded in developing the farms into an active family business.

    About Sewefontein (Zewenfountain)

    There are seven running fountains on the farm which makes it a fresh water enriched environment full of healthy minerals and nutrients for the sheep.

    There was also a town established on the farm named Burgerville but only ruins are left. One of Commandant Jopie Fourie's (from the 1914 Rebellion) soldiers, a fellow with the surname of Burger, who died in the Jopie Fourie episode is buried on the farm. The military grave is in the Burger Cemetery on the farm.

    About Leeufontein (Lion Fountain):

    It is known that a farmer with the surname of Burger was chased by a lion while riding his horse on his way home from the outpost on the road between Leeufontein and Sewefontein. After this incident the lion caught a calf and was seen the next day at the watering hole called " Same suip" (Drinking together). And so the name Leeufontein was given to the farm..


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