• Langrug


    Owner D.J. van Schalkwyk
    Province Western Cape
    District Central Karoo
    Closest town Aberdeen
    Size 6022 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Langrug

    Dirk farms with Merino and Angora goats. He is the 2nd generation on the farm and has been selected as a finalist for Toyota Young Farmer of the Year 2009 Eastern Cape. Dirk loves the Karoo and his farm; he always tries to improve his farm. You cannot buy the tranquility and peace of the Karoo life with money; one should appreciate it by heart and look after it with care. The farm is his income and his future. He is his own boss and is very fortunate.

    The meat he produces is all natural; he focuses on quality and well-built sheep. The Merino has a double purpose, and it can produce delicious meat and fine wool to the public. He believes that you must provide for tomorrow and so he makes sure he is not exploiting his land and animals. Do not be greedy because you may lose everything you’ve worked for.

    He has Alpacas that protects his flock. They are very inquisitive animals and so they keep intruders away. It is a natural deterrent to threats.

    He started farming in 2002 on Sarelsrivier before that he worked for 4 years in America doing plow and harvesting work, also driving trucks. Dirks enjoy touring with his motorcycle and like to discover new places.

    Your farm should always be immaculate and maintained, you need to treat your people and herd with respect, that way you will have a sustainable farming business and be productive.

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