• Loskop


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    Province Western Cape
    District Central Karoo
    Closest town Murraysburg
    Size 4827 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
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    About Loskop



    Loskop farm is situated about 35km on the North Western side of Murraysburg along the road to Victoria West in the Western Cape. Loskop farm got its name from a loose standing rock near the farmhouse. The "los kop" (loose head) has no connection with any of the surrounding mountain ranges.

    There is a cave with bushman paintings on the farm and a fountain. The battle of General Wynand Malan took place on the farm during the Anglo Boer War. Benny's father, Mr Charl Conradie has written a book about the history of Loskop in the book Herrinneringe aan Loskop and also other books like Murraysburg tydens die Anglo Boere oorlog and Murraysburg 150 jaar.

    This quote describes Bennie’s Merino Karoo lamb produced on Loskop perfectly:

    “The Karoo covers almost 50% of the total area of South Africa and is sparsely populated, far away from major urban and distribution centres. This lonely corner of the earth is home to one of South Africa's living treasures: flocks of sheep, grazing freely amongst the scattered shrubs. Karoo shrubs are palatable and meet the nutritional needs of the grazing animals year round (Le Roux, Kotze, Nel & Glen, 1994). 

    Their meat is spiced on the hoof and described as “mouth-wateringly succulent, imbued with the subtle, fragrant flavours of the Karoo bush”. It's not surprising - they feed on wild herbs, thousands of different species of them, where normally sheep live on one type of grass. It's a most exquisite lamb, and it is the world-renowned free-range Karoo lamb.” (REPORT: KAROO LAMB, CASE STUDY, DURAS PROJECT, MAY 2008)

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