• Bluegumvale


    Owner Max-Millian Rudman and Stephanus Schoeman Rudman
    Province Eatern Cape
    District Jansenville
    Closest town Mount Stewart
    Size 1200ha Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Bluegumvale

    Frederick John Rudman in the early 1830’s, originally part of the farm named Swanepoels Kraal, purchased a 4000-hectare portion and named it Bluegumvale. Throughout the 1800’s he used the farm for various agricultural purposes and in the late 1950’s Maximillian Rudman inherited his portion of Bluegumvale from his uncle.

    Bluegumvale Farm is situated in the Mount Stewart district of Jansenville and 20km from Klipplaat, a small little train station town. In 1947, Mount Stewart and Klipplaat was visited by Queen Elizabeth as part of her South African railway tour.

    The farm has many interesting features, including an old stone shelter built by either the Voertrekkers or the British, many old rifle cases have been found on the farm leading to the belief that there was some kind of a battle. The family name for one of the hills is “Spionkop” meaning spy or snipers hill.

    Today, a smaller portion of Bluegumvale, a 1200-hectare is still owned by the Rudman’s, namely Schoeman Rudman and Max-Millian Rudman, his son.

    The farm is currently being run; predominantly as a dorper sheep farm and we intend to diversify with other red meat products such as cattle and game.

    We strive to maintain a standard of excellence on the farm and this reflects onto the quality of our livestock.


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