• Middelkop


    Owner C. Kromhout
    Province Western Cape
    District Central Karoo
    Closest town Murraysburg
    Size 3364 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Middelkop

    Chris farms with Damara sheep and is the first Kromhout on Middelkop. His dream was to farm in the Karoo because he enjoys farming and hunting.  He has previously worked for the state forestry department and has learned a lot about plants and nature. He works hard on preventing soil erosion and removes unwanted plants like the “groendissel”. He is very conservative about the veld and keeps less animals than the calculated carrying capacity of the land. He also farms with Nguni cattle and has Springbuck running freely on the farm.


    The Damara sheep is one of the naturally adapted breeds in the Karoo. They don’t need any medicine, chemical substances or hormones. They adjust to the environment easily and eat the pure Karoo bushes so the meat is naturally spiced while they grow. The fat of the sheep can be mixed with meat to make delicious sausages (droëwors).


    A farmer should be prepared for droughts, make provision and have a good business plan for the marketing of his animals. Consider all options, break away from old ways and traditions, see other ways of approaching possibilities and learn new and different methods.


    Chris is truly happy in the Murraysburg community. This is now his home town for more than 12 years.  The community is friendly and accepting, everyone knows each other and always greet by waving when they pass each other by.  One has never a problem with traffic or finding parking! It has a peaceful quietness that one cannot describe. The stars are clear and you can smell the freshness of the rain when it falls onto dry land.


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