• Rheeboksfontein


    Province Northern Cape
    District Fraserburg
    Closest town Fraserburg
    Size 5700 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Rheeboksfontein

    Euvrard van Schalkwyk farms with Dohne Merinos on the farms Fisantedam and Rheeboksfontein.

    His great-grandfather DJF van Schalkwyk started farming in 1838 on Rheeboksfontein. There’s an old stone farmhouse and other buildings which are built from stone and also a fountain and an old well. He bought the farm from the English government (at that time still a British colony). Euvrard is now the fourth generation on the family farm. He grew up on the farm and enjoys farming. It is a privilege to be involved in the farming business in the Karoo.

    To improve his farm he implies good management and develop the infrastructure, he maintains the water cribs and prevents soil erosion. Some advice he want to give to the consumer of Karoo Lamb: “Once you’ve tasted Karoo lamb, lamb from other districts will taste strange to you.”

    He believes a farmer should create a situation for himself in which he can enjoy farming and can live to his full extent.

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