• Category farm
    Province Northern Cape
    District Pixley Ka Seme
    Closest town Carnarvon
    Size 1792 Ha
    Company .
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    About Carnarvon Meentgronde

    Josef Warries enjoys farming a lot!

    He believes that there are no unsavory bushes on the farm, just sound good bushes. Herbs are medicine for the sheep and therefore the sheep is healthy. The rain improves the farm's condition.

    There is a spring on the farm that has never dried up, so it is  water-rich farm with excellent bushes and grass for the animals to feed on.   People can use the “Skaapbos” and drink it for colds.

    He currently works at the research station outside Carnarvon but also helps with the farming. He acts as a mentor to his wife Betty Warries.
    He believes the Carnarvon region has the best field for the best meat.