• Rondefontein


    Province Northern Cape
    District Pixley Ka Seme
    Closest town Carnarvon
    Size 1794 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Rondefontein

    Antoinette Snyders farms with Dorpers on the farm Rondefontein. On the farm one can find animals like the mountain tortoise, riverine rabbit, white breast falcon, “ertvark”, “koggelaar” and a variety of plants and Karoo bushes.

     Her family worked on farms and as children they often visited the farms and helped with chores. She wants to succeed in her farming business and gives a lot of attention to improving the farm, field and the quality of the sheep. One should look after your animals and so you will get something back from them.

     She farms for 5 years and also guides unemployed people on the farm.  She teaches them about farming and how to work with sheep. These people now work on other farms too. Her sister’s daughter who is in Grade 11 wants to follow in her footsteps and become a farmer one day.

     In Antoinette’s words: “Die skaap eet lekker, so hul vleis smaak lekker”. She always takes her own meat with when she goes to visit family or friends in Cape Town. She won the 3rd prize in the Slaughter Lamb competition in Carnarvon, and 3rd prize in Farmer of the year.

     Her message to woman: Don’t be afraid to farm, you are not too old to learn, keep your eye on your farm and animals; it’s good for you and harmonizing.

     Her wish is to have her own farm one day and teach and educate unemployed people on the farm.



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