• Koppieskraal Boerdery


    Owner Mrs M.E. Peddie
    Province Northern Cape
    District Karoo Hoogland
    Closest town Fraserburg
    Size 2951 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Koppieskraal Boerdery

    The farm is situated on the Nuweveld escarpment at 1450m above sea level. Winters are harsh and therefore break the life cycle of many parasites. The ewe flock is well adapted and hardy. Quality, veld raised rams are bought in.


    Nigel Peddie farms with Dorpers on the farm Koppieskraal in the Fraserburg area. There’s a Corbelled house on the farm which travellers used as a permanent dwelling when they travelled to Beaufort West.


    He’s currently farming for 14 years and the farm is a source of income and his home. Nigel believes that one must farm with the veld first, then sheep. He retired from the Defence Force 20 years ago and always wanted to farm. Though it’s hard work he enjoys the still and pure life of the Karoo.


    When he started farming the farm was dilapidated, he had to repair the infrastructure. The carrying capacity was only 250 ewes, now it has improved to 500 ewes per hectare. So it has doubled in 14 years’ time.


    A farmer will produce good meat from animals which is well looked after, the Karoo lamb is economically viable therefore it is a quality product to the public.


    Nigel enjoys horseriding and photography. His wife Mary occasionally writes articles for newspapers.


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