• Kalkkraal


    Owner C.R.D. Holdings 4 (Pty) Ltd
    Province Western Cape
    District Prince Albert
    Closest town Merweville
    Size 2872.05 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
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    About Kalkkraal


    Farming Division

    Eben Saaiman & Dirk Visser                        



    Tel: 0218630089

    Cell: 0836272043

    Email: e.s.t@mweb.co.za

    GPS: 32°43'0.798" S 21°48'
    0.896" E



    The farm, Kalkkraal is situated in the Koup Karoo region and vegetation consists of shrub (karoo bossie) and grasslands, typical “ Koup veld “The company farms with a strict selection Dorper flock, breeds for good genes and eliminate  weak ewes in order to produce quality slaughter lambs for the market. Only selected rams from well known breeders are used on the farm. All lambs are produced on natural vegetation and under “veld” conditions.

    Strict selection processes are in place to improve the quality of the sheep and slaughter lambs to the public. Emphasis is placed on animal health and nature conservation. Neighbor Gerald Coetzee helps with the farming processes when Eben is not present.

    All ewes are scanned for fertility six weeks after the rams are withdrawn, “dry” ewes are immediately sent back to the rams, this practice helps to ensure the production of three lambs per ewe every 24 months as well as the elimination of underperforming ewes. Animal health is very important as a strict health care program is in place. All animal, production and health care records are computer based.


     Eben believes it’s important to read and study articles and scientific reports on small stock farming and to keep up with the latest news and development in the industry, he is also very interested  in nature in general. “ Some people think there is nothing to see or do in the Karoo , a person should just stop and look around, there is a world of treasures to be discovered.”


    Eben tells the story of ewe number “Orange 28” : in three consecutive lambing seasons she gave birth to 8 lambs, in her 1st season she delivered a set of twins, in the second period, a quadruplet (one ram and three ewe lambs) and in the third period she delivered twins again and she cared for and raised each and every one of them. This story is part of the reason why he believes in the best care for Kalkkraal’s Dorpers. “Care for them and they will respond “.


    He says : Lamb produced on Kalkkraal has an excellent natural nutritional value to the public.

                                                                “ Buy it and enjoy it “.

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