• Slagterspoort


    Owner L. De Bruijn
    Province Western Cape
    District Prince Albert
    Closest town Prince Albert
    Size 3100 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Slagterspoort

    Lud de Bruijn farms extensively with Dorper, Witkop Dorper, Afrino and Bruijntjie sheep (which is his own breed). The Karoo is a healthy world and the entire field is used as grazing for his animals. He believes the Prince Albert region has the best grazing area. The succulent flowers in the field show that the field is very moist.

    Commandant Scheupers got arrested on the farm along the Dwaika River during the Boer War and his memorial is on the farm Koppieskraal.

    His son Johan de Bruijn is a pilot and also helps his father farm part-time. Lud loves the outdoors and sports like skiing, diving, horse riding and fishing. He previously owned a career game farm in Somerset East, and exported a variety of wildlife.

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