• Scheurfontein


    Owner J.S. Theunissen
    Province Western Cape
    District Central Karoo
    Closest town Beaufort Wes
    Size 1497 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Scheurfontein


    Johnny Theunissen farms with Dorpers and was a teacher in Beaufort West teaching
    English and Business Economics. He is  farming for 18 years now and is a member of  Agri SA and is also a
    conservation man. There is a Boer War memorial of Joseph Haupfleitz on the farm Scheurfontein.

    He and his wife Amanda maintain a guesthouse (bed & breakfast) and an abattoir. He also owns the
    Scheurfontein farm stall 40km outside Beaufort West on the Oudtshoorn road. There you can find a variety
    of delicacies such as biltong, droëwors, jams, chips and soda, a cup of coffee, breakfast, leather accessories and real Karoo lamb.

    His faithful sheep dogs gather the sheep. The workers stay quiet while working with the sheep, they don’t shout or make loud noises because this increases
    the stress factor and one want to keep it low. You should avoid overgrazing and maintain your grazing system. A farmer should always look
    after  the animals' drinking water because it is where disease gets born. Johnny love’s farming. He wants to leave the farm in a good condition for the future

    Johnny is very concerned about Shell's Fracking project. This will contaminate the water. He is storing water in dams in the field and
    make sure there is enough water for the animals. It contains good minerals which is a daily necessity to the animal. There are many acacia
    trees (doringbome) that provide shade for the sheep because it can get immensely hot in the Karoo.

    The advice he would give to consumers is if you buy meat you should know where it comes from. Make sure it has been inspected by a health
    inspector. People should also stop buying meat from the farmers themselves because you do not know if it is fresh and tested for disease.

    A highlight in his life was when he started breeding his own sheep, slaughtered it in the abattoir and markets it.

    For inquiries about the guesthouse and farm stall contact: 0827858447/0234131644


    “Sorg vir jou veld, die veld sorg vir jou vee, en die vee sal vir jou sorg (veld in geld)”


    “Die skaap met ‘n goeie baas, bly op die plaas”


    (Uit Gedagtes, Klagtes en Wyshede. Saamgestel deur Japie Jacobs)



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