• Toornfontein


    Owner W.F. Rossouw
    Province Western Cape
    District Central Karoo
    Closest town Murraysburg
    Size 2500 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Toornfontein

    Wynand is the 7th generation on the family farm Towerfontein, one of the oldest farms in the Murraysburg District. The farm has been in the family for over 200 years. The gravel road that runs through the farm was the old main route from Cape Town to Johannesburg, and the farm was a outspan destination for travelers to rest.


    Towerfontein's name comes from a fountain; it surges out of different places in the rocks. The Khoi wanted to stop the fountain but didn’t succeed so they believed that the fountain was cursed. Tower (Magic)

    The Dorper sheep grazes the pure uncontaminated untouched Karoo field, so it is a perfectly natural product to the consumer and is the best the Karoo can offer.

    Wynand has adopted his father’s teachings about farming, like generations before him. He also did courses in Grootfontein. He is a qualified mechanic and does his own repair work on the farm. He enjoys being in nature and working with animals. The Karoo is his income and lifestyle, and he is happy there.

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