• Poortjie


    Owner Van Rensburg Boerdery
    Province Northern Cape
    District Hantam
    Closest town Vosburg
    Size 4450 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Poortjie

    Johan and his son Shawn farms all the farms as a unit and Shawn is currently the 6th generation on the farm. They believe that it is important to improve the field and farm and work hard in keeping the pens and enclosures in a good state.


    They have their own scanning machine that helps increase the lamb percentage. They have their own stud ram breed and they firstly breed for fertility and secondly for meat production. They purchase new breeding material that helps with stud improvements.


    Johan and Shawn enjoy the Karoo life. They both love the outdoors and nature. They are proud of the animals and their farms. They believe that people should be informed about Karoo lamb and meat. You should also stay informed about prices. The consumer should know that it is cheaper to buy a whole or half lamb than to buy prepacked lamb chops.


    For the last fifteen years several hunters came to hunt Springbuck, Oryx and Blesbuck at “Cordaatskuil Jagplaas”. They hunt during May, June and July. They made wonderful friends through the years.


    Johan’s wife Elsabé, owns “Die Ketel (Coffeeshop/Tuisnywerheid) in Vosburg and serves the best breakfast and freshly ground “moer”-coffee. There is also a home industry in the coffee shop, where the local woman of the town delivers their delicious cakes, homemade jams and a variety of delicatessens. You can also buy delicious lamb-, springbuck- and chicken pies as well as a variety of gifts and crafts. Come and enjoy the warm hospitality, excellent service and tasty food.


    Vosburg got its name from the Van Rensburg’s and Vosse who owned most of the land – “Burg” means home.

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