• Graskop


    Owner Graskop Boerdery BK
    Province Northern Cape
    District Pixley Ka Seme/Emthanjeni
    Closest town Vosburg
    Size 2823 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Graskop

    In Jan Vos’s own words: “Die bossieveld kwalifiseer as die Kaviaar van lams vleis in die Karoo.”

    The Karoo lamb has the best quality on the market, and even people from the city and overseas agrees with this statement. The meat has a unique flavour, it doesn’t taste like shrub and doesn’t have that sharp shrub flavor that serves as a predominant taste like in other parts of the country. The lamb produced on the farms Elandsbeen, Graskop, Lovedale, Nieuwefontein and Renswoude contains no antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones. Therefore it is a pure, free range, natural lamb.

    Jan Vos is the 4th generation on the farm and his son Peter Vos is the 5th generation. They farm with pure Merino and have received the highest price for CL Wool for the past 8 years for 8 years at CMW. They breed their own Merino stud. Jan was formerly a lecturer in Geography and Landscape Planning at Kovsies in Bloemfontein. He also participated in projects like Flood prevention for farmers along the Orange River. His son Pieter earned his Degree in Agricultural Management. Pieter breeds his own stud, he had quality selected ewes and stud rams for his stud.


    Jan and Pieter also farms with Dorpers. It has a good pasture for good quality slaughter lambs. They select the Dorper for fertility and the scan percentage of their breed is normally above 100%. They adapt perfectly to the environment it has long legs and walks easily.

    The key for stud breeding is:
    Conformation - produces enough meat
    Even fat distribution

    In 1724 Heinrich Vos (a German) arrived in the country. The Vosse was at that time gold and silver craftsmen and pharmacists. Heinrich then bought 28000ha for 96 acres. Jan’s great-grandfather PJA Vos received the farm. His great-grandfather farmed with Merino sheep which is now the oldest and largest sheep breed in South Africa. The Merino sheep has been in the family for five generations. The wool is a major component of the farm.

    Vosburg gets its name from the Vosse and Janse van Rensburgs, Burg means home.


    The Karoo is a treasure chest full of jewels. The farmers of the Karoo want to show the world what quality they can get in these products. If you open the treasure chest of the Karoo you will find something extraordinary. You will taste greatness.

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