• Swartbosch


    Owner Peet de Klerk Familie Trust
    Province Western Cape
    District Central Karoo
    Closest town Murraysburg
    Size 3788 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Swartbosch

    My farm Swartbosch is situated in the far eastern region of the Western Cape in the Murraysburg district. The farm house is tucked away between dense Acacia karoo trees on the banks were the Buffalo and Klein rivers meet, right under a steep granite ridge.

    The farmhouse is very old and once housed two brothers with their families each with a separate living area. The house is mainly build out of stone and clay that was mined on the farm. The walls are at some places 50cm and more wide. Unfortunately there is no clear indication when the house was build. The infrastructure is that of a typical old karoo farm with the house, a shearing shed and a structure for work and to store vehicles in, all build out of stone from the farm.

    Swartbosch is home to a wide variety of livestock and wild animals. Dorpers are the main branch but we also farm with Angora goats and some Drakensberg cattle. Due to the two big dams that get the water from the Buffalo river, there is a very wide variety of bird life - from Fish eagles to little Kingfishers.

    My father, Peet de Klerk, bought Swartbosch in 1992 from the Van Heerdens. Swartbosch can only be described as a little peace of karoo heaven. The karoo is one of the most greatful places in the world, only a few millimetres of rain and you will see a big difference in the environment.

    To the consumer: remember that "karoo meat of origin" is the most basic and pure meat in South Africa that gets its own "spice and flavour" from day one that the animal starts consuming the nutritious karoo brushes. Therefore, one has to appreciate the efforts of nature and the farmer in producing the best meat in the world.

    Phil, Rykie and little Frederik de Klerk

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