• Arcadia


    Owner P.J.A. Vos
    Province Northern Cape
    District Vosburg
    Closest town Kareeberg
    Size 1010 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Arcadia

    Pierre Vos is the 3rd generation on the farm and has been farming for over 40 years with highly fertile Dorper and Damara sheep. His farm business includes the farms; Arcadia, Kalkdam, Nieuwedam and Werda. He furthermore owns the Werda Abattoir, situated 10km from Vosburg on the Victoria West Road. He has been the owner of this abattoir for the past 16 years. Pierre markets his own sheep as well as the sheep from surrounding sheep farmers.


    On the farm, Werda, there is also a guesthouse which Pierre’s wife Christene, a qualified nurse, is in the process of transforming into a rest and recovery unit for patients. Christene also produce “boerseep” a natural, multifunctional, colour and flavourless soap made from sheep fat. This sheep is gentle on the skin and can also be used on clothes to remove stains.


    The Karoo lamb has proven itself as a popular meat amongst consumers and Pierre and Christene would want to see Karoo lamb lamb made available to consumers around the world.

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