• Tussenkoms


    Owner N.J. Smit
    Province Northern Cape
    District Kareeberg
    Closest town Van Wyksvlei
    Size 5500 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Tussenkoms

    Nico farms with 500 ewes on 5500ha. The Karoo lamb which he delivers is nurtured in a healthy environment and so the animal has a seemingly natural relationship with the field that makes farming in the Karoo an organized efficiency.

    Life in the Karoo has a calming and peaceful effect on one’s soul and lifestyle, and as the stillness, fresh air and extraordinary views has a worthy effect on any person visiting or staying here, the field has tranquil and synchronizing effect on the lifestyle of the animal, therefore it delivers a good produce for the farmer. 

    Nico is currently the manager of BKB Carnarvon and so he is up to date with the farming industry, he is also an active member of the Boervereninging Carnarvon. He also learns a lot from other farmers and applies the knowledge on his farm. He farms with Dorpers and work hard to produce a good product to the public.

    Tussenkoms has Bushman paintings on iron stones of eland and gemsbok. There is also ruins of a house built of clay and dung, as well traces of plowing and sowing on the farm.

    A farmer must take care of his animals and field, he must love his animals and the environment then he will be able to live a sustainable life. If you’ve tasted Karoo lamb you won’t buy any other lamb.

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