• Landsig


    Owner J.F. Theron
    Province Western Cape
    District Murraysburg
    Closest town Murraysburg
    Size 4893 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Landsig

    In the Karoo, you will find tranquility,  good quality life and you have extraordinary scenery to admire. You live in paradise.

    Ricus farms with Merino, Angora goats, Bonsmara cattle, goats and game. There’s a perennial river running through the farm and
    is also suitable for fishing. People often catch carp there. The area has a wide variety of birds and therefore ideal for birdwatchers.
     He is very busy in the hunting season and gets hunters from around the world. There’s a very nice
    hunting house for the guests which is close to the river so they can hunt and fish.

    Ricus is the 3rd generation on the farm and his son Berno (4th generation) actively farms with his father. Their Karoo lamb they deliver
    to the public is full of natural proteins from the field, holistically grown with a unique taste. The Karoo is a semi-desert,
    it has many droughts but if it rains it's a bonus for people and animals.

    He managed his land in applying soil conservation; he attends lamb management courses, and is the chairman of the
    Agricultural Society. He believes you should take nature in consideration otherwise you won’t be able to farm effectively. His
    wife Alna helps with the financial responsibilities of the farm. She also loves art and is very creative.

    Anyone is welcome to contact them for hunting. They have kudu, blesbok and springbok.
    Email: landsig@mtnloaded.co.za

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