• De Hoop


    Owner K.S. van Heerden
    Province Western Cape
    District Karoo Hoogland
    Closest town Murraysburg
    Size 3361 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About De Hoop

    Kallie farms with Afrino Merinos and provides a unique Karoo lamb to the public. Karoo lamb has a delicate taste of Karoo bushes. Everyone loves the taste and tenderness of this type of meat.


    The sheep graze in the veld (natural grazing) and the smell of the Karoo bushes is absorbed by the meat. Thus one gets natural flavouring! The Karoo bush is an amazing plant. One needs to put good management in place and look after ones veld and animals. Then care for them with love and patience and one will deliver the best product to the market.


    Kallie started farming in 1979 and does livestock marketing for Karoo Vleisboere, Murraysburg.


    The old shearing shed on the farm has a stone wall which forms part of a pen. It is 5 feet high and built with dung pats. The roof was too low for the wool press, so they had to dig a hole in the ground to place the press.


    The confluence of the Buffalo River and the Engelsmanskraal merge in front of Kallie’s home. In 1985, when the river came down in flood, the water came up to his house. The family had to evacuate their home.


    On the photo with the cows and sheep, the young cow had lost her calf at birth, and the lamb had lost its mother. So the cow adopted the lamb and cared for it. This proves that an animal has good maternal instincts.


    Kallie feels that he will remain in the Karoo for as long as possible. He loves the mountains, the sweet thorn trees (soetdoring), the river, the starry nights and the peace and quiet of the veld. He believes that wherever you go, you should be able to smell the rain like in the Karoo. The Karoo is in his blood, ingrained in his being.


    The Karoo lamb is the best meat one can get. Once you have tasted it, you will never again buy other meat than Karoo lamb. 

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