• Stellenbosvlei


    Owner I.M. van der Merwe
    Province Western Cape
    District Central Karoo
    Closest town Murraysburg
    Size 6263 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Stellenbosvlei

    Zak farms with Merino and Persian sheep, the environment makes it possible to farm actively with these breeds. He also farms with Nguni cattle. He is the second generation on the farm after his father John Lodewikus and his son Johnny also farms with him and is the third generation on the farm.

    The house was built before the Boer War and the material used was produced ​​on the farm. There is a river that runs through the farm so it is a water-rich terrestrial.

    Izak loves farming and enjoys nature and the outdoors. He prevents soil erosion by making ground walls and repairs the fences regularly to keep the animals safe and to keep the vermin out. He also plowed bare patches of land for reclamation. He intend to leave the farm in a better state for his descendants.

    His wife Johanna has her own game meat processing business. She is currently 8 years in the industry and her daughter in law works with her. They process and pack the game for the hunters and produce annually around 400 springbok, 30 kudu and 30 gemsbok and also blue and black wildebeest, impala and blesbok.

    The Karoo country has a large amount of instinctive food for the sheep so Izak can safely confirm that he produces a healthy and nutritional Karoo lamb of great value to public.

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