• Kareekolk


    Owner S.A.C. Louw
    Province Northern Cape
    District Kareeberg
    Closest town Carnarvon
    Size 3657 Ha
    Nearest Abattoir
    Map not available

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    About Kareekolk

    Kareekolk is approximately 3,500ha and consists of 40% of mountainous terrain with several dry riverbeds covered with Karee trees (hence the name). Blousyfer spring provides much needed spring water and makes for fantastic hiking with numerous beautiful picnic spots. The mountains provide shelter from the cold winters and results in very little frost and the abundance of underground water makes this farm ideal for growing vegetables. Gert and Susan Delport currently manage this farm and live there with their little girl, Irene. Springbok and Kudu can often be seen in the shades of the Karee trees. The farm belonged to (the late) Derick Louw and was passed on to Abe Louw after he passed away in 2004. Kareekolk is a witdorper farm.

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