• How does the "Meat of Origin Karoo" certification work?

    a. What does the Mark Certify and/or guarantee?

    Breed   Preferably meat breed types with good bone: muscle ratio with an even fat distribution.
    Carcass mass  A-grades >14 but < 25kg
      AB-grade >14 but <29kg
      B-grades >14 but <31kg
      C-grades >14 but <31kg
    Classification Age classes A, AB, B and C
      Fat classes 1 to 6
      Conformation 3, 4 and 5
    Damage   Only F1 damage allowed
    In particular, the following classes of carcasses do not qualify for certification:

    b. How can I be sure that the different role players conform to the said standards?

    The KDF has appointed independent, 3rd party auditors to check if the licensees conform to all the said standards.

    c. Who can use the Certification Mark?

    Registered and approved role players in the commercial sheep meat market, with effective traceability systems, e.g. farmers, wholesalers, retailers and restaurants:

    d. How do I identify true Karoo Meat of Origin?

    The carcass can be identified by the KMOO stamp on the leg of the lamb / sheep.

    It can also be identified by a CERT KMOO rollermark on the body of the carcass.

    All certified Karoo lamb is sold with the Karoo Meat of Origin mark on the packaging. It may / may not be marked with the tracking number (taking you back to the farm where the lamb originated from) and / or a certiciation number (the certification number allocated to a packer / processor, butchery or abattoir).